This Diwali – Important things to do

DIwali Messages

  • Celebrate the first day of Diwali (Dhanteras) by stringing lights or placing candles around your home.  This day marks the birthday of the Goddess Lakshimi.
  • If you are a woman, celebrate the second day of Diwali (Naraka Chaturdasai) by creating Rangoli designs (colorful patterns made of dried flour and rice) on your floor, and paint your hands with henna designs. Naraka Chaturdasai is also often marked by religious devotions.
  • Celebrate the third day of Diwali (Lakshimi puja) by wearing your finest clothes and lighting diya lamps.  Religious rituals are performed to the goddess Lakshmi on this day.  She is believed to roam the earth at night.  You can also keep your windows open to welcome her.
  • Give an elaborate gift to your wife on the fourth day of Diwali (Padwa).  The day is dedicated to celebrating the love between married couples, much like the Western concept of Valentine’s Day.  Traditional gifts include flowers, chocolates, sweets and gold jewelry.
  • Exchange gifts with your sibling during the final day of Diwali (Bhai Duj).  Bhai Duj is similar in spirit to Padwa, but focuses on the affection and bond between siblings.  According to tradition, sisters perform prayer rituals (puja) for their brothers and gift them with sweets.  In return, brothers gift their sister with cash or small gifts such as flowers, chocolates and jewelry.

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